Karuna Yoga Vidya Peetham Bangalore

Here are some general principles to consider when making hands-on adjustments in a yoga class:

  1. Respect the student’s body and personal space: Always ask for permission before making adjustments, and respect the student’s boundaries.
  • Start with verbal cues: Begin by offering verbal cues to help students align themselves in the pose, and only make hands-on adjustments if necessary or requested.
  • Observe and assess: Observe the student’s body and alignment before making any adjustments, and assess the student’s ability and level of comfort in the pose.
  • Communicate clearly: Use clear, concise language when giving instructions or making adjustments, and avoid using overly technical or complicated language.
  • Make adjustments gradually: Make adjustments slowly and gradually, allowing the student to feel the changes in their body and adjust accordingly.
  • Use appropriate touch: Use gentle and supportive touch when making adjustments, and avoid any touch that feels uncomfortable or invasive to the student.
  • Provide support: Offer support through adjustments that help the student feel more stable and secure in the pose.
  • Empower the student: Encourage the student to take ownership of their practice, and allow them to explore their own body and experience the pose for themselves.

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