Karuna Yoga Vidya Peetham Bangalore

Pleasure and pain both are painful indeed

2.15. Parinamatapasamskaraduhkhairgunavrttivirodhacca duhkhamva sarvam vivekinah 

  • Parinama-result, consequence
  • Tapa-acute suffering
  • Samskara-impression
  • Duhkhaih-by these three pains
  • Guna-three gunas
  • Vrtti-modification of mind
  • Virodhat-on account of, opposing
  • Cha-and
  • Duhkham-pain
  • Eva-only
  • Sarvam-all
  • Vivekinah-those who have discrimination

In the case of one who has discrimintaive knowledge (viveka), all is painful because of pains due to change, acute suffering, samskaras, and also due to gunas and vrittis in opposition.


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