Karuna Yoga

Patanjali Yoga Sutra – Samadhi Pada-Or by Cultivating Opposite Virtues(1.33)

Or by Cultivating Opposite Virtues

1.33. Maitrikarunamuditopeksanam sukhaduhkhapunyapunyavisayanam bhavanataschittaprasadanam|

  • Maitri- friendliness
  • Karuna-compassion
  • Mudita-gladness
  • Upeksanam-indifference
  • Sukha-happiness
  • Duhkha-misery
  • Punya-virtue
  • Apunya-vice
  • Visayanam-of the objects
  • Bhavanatah-attitude
  • Chitta-mind
  • Prasadanam-purification, making peaceful

In relation to happiness, misery, virtue and vice, by cultivating the attitude of friendliness, compassion, gladness and indifference respectively, the mind becomes purified and peaceful.

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