Karuna Yoga

Patanjali Yoga Sutra – Kaivalya Pada

Memory & impressions

4.9. Jatidesakalavyavahitanamapyantaryam smrtisamskarayorekarupatvat|

  • Jati-class of birth
  • Desa-place
  • Kala-time
  • Vyavahitanam-separated
  • Api-even
  • Anantaryam-sequence
  • Smrtisamskarayoh-of memory and impressions
  • Ekarupatvat-because of sameness in form

Because memory and impression are the same in form there is a sequence although they may be classified by class of birth, place and time.

Patanjali Yoga Sutra – Kaivalya Pada

Source of potential impressions

4.10. Tasamanaditvam chasiso nityatvat|

  • Tasam-there is
  • Anaditvam-begnninglessness
  • Cha-and
  • Asisah-of the will to live
  • Nityatvat-by permanence

There is no beginning to them and the desire to live is eternal.


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