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Partner standing observation is a technique where two students observe each other as they practice standing asanas (yoga poses) such as tree pose, warrior I, or triangle pose. This technique can be beneficial for both the observer and the person being observed, as it can provide a different perspective and help students to understand their alignment and movement in the pose.

Here are some steps for practicing partner standing observation in asanas:

  1. Pair up students: Pair up students and have them stand facing each other, about an arm’s length apart.
  • Choose a pose: Choose a standing asana for the students to practice, such as tree pose, warrior I, or triangle pose.
  • Demonstrate the pose: Demonstrate the pose and give clear instructions, explaining each step and its purpose.
  • Have one student practice the pose: Have one student practice the pose while the other observes.
  • Provide feedback: After a few breaths, have the observer provide feedback to the person practicing the pose. The feedback can include observations on alignment, movement, and breath.
  • Switch roles: After a few minutes, have the students switch roles, so that the observer can practice the pose while the other person observes.
  • Repeat with different poses: Repeat the process with different standing asanas, so that students can practice different poses and observe each other’s alignment and movement.
  • Partner standing observation can be a valuable tool for helping students to deepen their understanding of asanas and their own practice. By observing each other’s alignment, movement, and breath, students can gain new insights and improve their own practice. It is important to remind students to be respectful and non-judgmental in their feedback, and to use the observations as an opportunity for growth and learning.

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