Karuna Yoga Vidya Peetham Bangalore

This is the lotus peacock pose. Sit in padmasana and then balance on the knees. Place the palms on the floor facing backwards so the fingers point towards the lower body. Bend the elbows and bring them closer together. Then lean forward and push the elbows against the abdomen. Lean forward and balance the whole body on the arms, the chest resting on the upper arms. Now stay here for thirty seconds, breathing easily. Then come out of the pose and relax.

Precaution: People suffering from peptic or duodenal ulcers, hyperacidity, hernia or high blood pressure should not practice this asana. Pregnant women are strictly advised not to attempt this asana.

Benefits:  Tones the abdominal region of the body, because due to the pressure of the elbows against the abdominal aorta, blood circulates properly in the abdominal organs. This improves digestive power and prevents the accumulation of toxins in the system. It develops and strengthens the elbows, forearms and wrists.

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