Karuna Yoga Vidya Peetham Bangalore

Padahastasana – Hand to Foot Posture

(pada –  foot, hasta – hand)



  • Come to Tadasana(mountain) posture, by arms beside your thighs.
  • Inhale raise arms side way till it touch ears.
  • Take deep inhale , by exhaling bend forward by keeping your knee straight from your lower back ( make sure not bending from your upper back  ( if you have back pain or weak back keep your knees bend)
  • Lengthen the neck and toward the feet.
  • At final phase keep the chest open as you resting your palms beside of your feet, Keep your feet firm , both leg straight  and stably grounded .
  • From hip to ankle should be in straight line.
  • Lenghten from your lower back and stretch from upper back, in hale through nose while exhale suck your abdomen in towards back , forward touching your shin bone not your knees.
  • Stay for 10 to 20 seconds, by deep breathing at your abdominal .
  • Finally completely relax at final pose.
  • Inhale lift head up, come up form lower back , exhale arms down , and relax .



  • Helps preventing constipation and menstrual problems.
  • Improves digestion.
  • Enhances blood flow to the head region.




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