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Objective of Asana In Hatha Yoga

Asana in the Hatha yoga has two objectives . The first one is to practise any meditation , one needs at least one posture in which one can feel perfectly comfortable for a long period of time. The more such posture one can master, the better the basis for the develop   the inner meditation technique.

The second objective of exercising asana in the Hatha yoga is to bring health and energy to body and mind by opening the nadis . If such an exercise one regulerly performs, the path of yoga is opens automatically , even though one still has to follow it further. The mere mastering of the posture  is no objective in itself, through mastering  various postures certainly strengthens the power of will and concentration and the habit of not paying too much attentation to the information input by the senses. This practicing asana in the Hatha yoga directly opens the path to pratyahara.


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