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Need of Anatomy and Physiology in Yoga

Knowledge of anatomy and physiology forms the basis for the study of biological sciences. Even for a common man, to understand the heath problems and their solution. Preliminary knowledge of this subject is helpful.

Today yogic practices have become popular throughout the world. The yogic practices have been included in school and college curriculum where yoga teacher imparts the yoga training consisting of mainly asanas, pranayamas and kriyas etc. These practices involve our bodily structure and function. In order to understand how the yogic practices influence our body and mind, a student and teacher should know the basic anatomy and physiology as well as the physiological changes brought about by the yogic practices. Having this knowledge, one will be able to employ the technique systematically for the students or the patients. The importance of this subject was realized by the concerned authorities and now this subject has been introduced in the field of education and other faculties.

The whole approach in studying the basic principles of anatomy and physiology is to understand the probable mechanisms involved in various yogic practices on the scientific background. It is obvious that our body responds according to the nature of stimulation from the external or the internal environments. Yogic practices work deep inside the body and mind and are expected to bring about some changes in the behavioral pattern of even a normal individual so as to prepare him for the higher yogic practices. There fore our yogic techniques should bear a scientific background along with the traditional support. This scientific background would also help the individual to remove confusion or misconception. If any, regarding the technique and the results of the yogic practices. He would then be the best yoga teacher to guide his students on the path of yoga.

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