Karuna Yoga

Maha Mudra (The Great Attitude)

Padamulena vamena yonim sampidya dakshinam/

Prasaritam padam krtva karabhyam dharayeddrdham//(Chapter -3, Verse 10).

Press the left heel into the perineum or vagina, straighten the right leg, and with the hands, strongly take hold of the outstretched foot. (Chapter -3, Verse 10).


Kanthe bandham samaropya dharayed vayum urdhvatah /

Yatha dandahatah sarpo dandakarah prajayate//(Chapter -3, Verse 11).

By locking the throat and holding the breath, the prana rises straight, just like a snake beaten with a stick becomes straight. (Chapter -3, Verse 11).


Rjvibhuta tatha saktih kundali sahasa bhavet/

Tada sa maranavastha jayate dviputasraya//(Chapter -3, Verse 12).

So the kundalini sakti becomes very straight at once. Then the ida and pingala nadi become lifeless as the sakti enters into the sushumna nadi. (Chapter -3, Verse 12).


Tatah sanaih sanaireva rechayennaiva veghatah/

Mahamudram cha tenaiva vadanti vibudhottamāh//(Chapter -3, Verse 13).

Then breathe out slowly and gradually, not quickly. Indeed this is explained as maha mudra by the great siddhas. (Chapter -3, Verse 13).


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