Karuna Yoga

By samyama knowledge of universal consciousness

3.36. Sattva purusayoratyantasanké rnayoh pratyayaviseso bhogah pararthatvat svarthasamyamat purusa jnanam|

  • Sattva-chitta
  • Purusayoh-of the purusha
  • Atyanta-extremely
  • Asankirnayoh-distinct
  • Pratyaya-awareness
  • Avisesah-not distinct
  • Bhogah-experience
  • Pararthatvat-from objective consciousness
  • Sva-ones own
  • Artha-subjective awareness
  • Samyamat-by samyama
  • Purusajnanam-knowledge of purusha

Chitta and purusha are extremly different. On account of non-difference of the awareness of both there is objective or subjective experience. By applying samyama on subjective awareness apart from objectives awareness, the knowledge of purusha is acquired.


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