Karuna Yoga Vidya Peetham Bangalore

 Karuna Yoga Vidya Peetham, Yoga TTC program in Bangalore India, will make you proficient in various “Inverted Asanas”. Inverted Asanas oppose the effect of gravity on the body; rather than everything being pulled towards the feet, the orien­tation shifts towards the head. Similarly, on the emotional and psychic levels, inverted Asanas change the normal patterns, tossing a new light on old patterns of behaviour and being. Generally, these practices are refreshing and revitalizing. They enhance health, reduce anxiety and stress, and increase self­-confidence. They also increase mental power, concentration and the capability to sustain large workloads without pressure.

Inverted Asanas encourage blood to flow to the brain, nourishing the neurons and flushing out toxins. Blood and lymph, collected in the lower limbs, pelvis and stomach, are drained lower back to the coronary heart, then circulated to the lungs, purified and re-circulated to all parts of the body. This procedure sustains the cells of the entire human life form. This procedure sustains the cells of the entire human life form. The enriched blood stream additionally permits the pituitary organ to work even more productively, tuning the entire endocrine framework.  This has a positive effect on the metabolic techniques and even on ways of thinking.

While the body is in an inverted asana, the breath turns out to be slow and deep, amplifying the exchange of carbon dioxide and oxygen and for the most part reassuring accurate respiration. In addition, the abdominal organs: the liver, spleen, stomach, kidneys and pancreas, get an effective massage, helping them to perform their capacities more proficiently.

Customarily, altered Asanas are utilized to sublimate and change sexual vitality into spiritual energy. The intention of the practices in this context is to fortify the chakras, open Sushumna Nadi and to lift the kundalini to achieve psychic awakening. The 200-hour Hatha Yoga TTC taught by Karuna Yoga  Vidya Peetham, teacher training Course center is based on this concept. While it is far unlikely that Kundalini will be raised through practice of these Asanas alone, inverted postures without a doubt enhance the nature of meditation and concentration, refining the consciousness and enabling it to enter unexplored levels of the mind.


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