Karuna Yoga Vidya Peetham Bangalore

  • Hands-on adjustments in yoga are a useful tool for yoga teachers to help students deepen their practice, improve alignment, and prevent injury. Here are some tips on how to use hands-on adjustments in yoga:
  • Ask for permission: Always ask the student for permission before touching them. Respect their boundaries and preferences.
  • Observe the student: Before making an adjustment, observe the student’s posture and alignment. Identify the areas that need correction or support.
  • Start with verbal cues: Before making a physical adjustment, try to correct the student’s alignment with verbal cues. This can help the student to understand what needs to be adjusted.
  • Use a light touch: When making physical adjustments, use a light touch. Avoid applying too much pressure or force. The adjustment should be gentle and supportive.
  • Adjust mindfully: Make adjustments mindfully and with intention. Be aware of the student’s physical limitations and adjust accordingly.
  • Be aware of safety: Always prioritize safety when making adjustments. Avoid adjustments that could cause pain or injury.
  • Give feedback: After making an adjustment, give feedback to the student. Ask them how the adjustment felt and if it helped them to deepen their practice.
  • Remember that hands-on adjustments are a tool to help students improve their practice, not to demonstrate the teacher’s expertise. Always approach adjustments with humility and respect for the student’s individual needs and limitations.

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