Karuna Yoga Vidya Peetham Bangalore

  • Yoga for Bronchial Asthma  The role of yoga teacher in asana instruction is very important as the student will be relies on teacher. Yoga teacher should have complete attention on student breath and body movement.
  • Yoga teacher should have knowledge of his or her different students health conditions and capacities so that his or her instructions cannot be generalized.
  • Yoga teacher should demonstrate asanas to students with sensible in students understandable language as demonstration is very important part of the instructing and learning process.
  • In yoga workshops positioning of teacher with students is very important.
  • During instructing students the yoga teacher should also see the feet weather feet’s are straight, foot is out or in .
  • Achilles are align straight or veer towards the mid line or toward lateral.
  • Weather knees are hard or soft, flexed, extended or hyper extended.
  • Hips are in level.
  • Is there any tension in in one calf than the other?
  • Arms are hanged evenly at the side or is one hand more in front than the other.
  • Shoulders are even or level.
  • Head is centered between the shoulders.
  • Does the ear hole is lined up over the shoulder.
  • Weather shoulder is forward or either slumping forward or pulled back.
  • Do the knee caps point forward.
  • Yoga teacher should repeat the demonstrations stage by stage so that asanas can easily understandable to student and they could perform asanas effectively.
  • After the demonstration ask the students if they are clearly understand the asanas or else is there any need to demonstrate again.



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