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How to Practice Yoga When You Are Hypermobile

  • Hypermobility is a condition in which the joints are unusually flexible, which can make it easier to perform some yoga poses, but also puts the joints at risk for injury if not practiced mindfully. If you have hypermobility, it’s important to approach your yoga practice with caution and focus on stability rather than flexibility.
  • Here are some tips for practicing yoga when you are hypermobile:
  • Focus on alignment: Pay attention to the alignment of your joints in each pose, and avoid overextending or hyperextending the joints. Work on strengthening the muscles around the joints to provide more stability.
  • Engage your muscles: Activate the muscles in your legs, arms, and core to create more stability and support for your joints. Use your muscles to control your range of motion in each pose.
  • Use props: Props like blocks, blankets, and straps can help you modify poses and provide support for your joints. For example, you can use blocks to bring the floor closer to you in a forward fold, or a strap to help you maintain proper alignment in a seated forward bend.
  • Avoid overstretching: Be mindful of your range of motion and avoid pushing your body too far beyond its limits. Practice within your range of motion and avoid trying to achieve extreme ranges of flexibility.
  • Focus on strength and stability: Emphasize strength-building poses and exercises to support your joints and improve stability. Poses like warrior II, chair pose, and plank pose can help build strength and stability.
  • Work with a knowledgeable teacher: A knowledgeable yoga teacher can help guide you in your practice and provide modifications and adjustments to help you practice safely and effectively.
  • Remember, yoga should be practiced with mindfulness, patience, and compassion towards your body. By focusing on stability, alignment, and strength, you can safely and effectively practice yoga with hypermobility.

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