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How to implement a marketing strategy in your yoga business.

To build a yoga class marketing is an important tool to get people to know about your class and gain students.  First,  creating a wet site, including at the information at out the courses offered, teacher qualifications etc. It should also have a section for blogs.  Finally,  it should have contact details and social media handles. In the era of Social Media, it is first important to have a business Page on the most used apps like  Instagram or  Facebook.  To build connections,  starting with promotions of smaller pages and requesting promotions for own’s page. Can also go for paid promotions to have your page in people s feed and have more and more people engage with the page and wet site. Promotions can also be done through the word of the month, requesting people you know the spread the information or recommend the class to someone who they might know is looking for yoga classes. After gaining a few students, it is also important to receive their feedback in the public domain so more people can see and join at their will.

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