Karuna Yoga Vidya Peetham Bangalore

Hatha Yoga Pradipika – Place for Yoga practice

Surajye dharmike dese subhikshe nirupadrave /

dhanuh pramanaparyantam silagnijalavarjite /

Ekante mathikamadhye sthatavyam hathayogina // (Chapter -1, Verse- 12).

The Hatha Yoga practitioner should live alone in a hermitage and practice in a place the length of a bow (one and a half meters), where there is no hazard from rocks, fire or water, and which is in a well-administered and virtuous kingdom (nation or town) where good alms can be easily attained, without any dificulties. (Chapter -1, Verse – 12).

Alpadvaram arandhragartavivaram atyuchchanichayatam/

Samyaggomayasandraliptam amalam nihsesajantujjhitam /

Bahye mandapavedikuparuchiram prakarasamveshtitam /

proktam yogamathasya lakshanam idam siddhair hathabhyasibhih // (Chapter -1, Verse – 13).

Hatha Yoga hermitage as prescribed by the siddhas for the Hatha Yoga practitioners. The room for spiritual practice should have a small door, without any aperture (window), holes or cracks, being neither too high nor too low. It should be spotlessly clean, wiped with cow dung and free from animals or insects. Outside, there should be an open platform with a thatched roof, a well and a surrounding wall (fence). The appearance of the hermitage should be pleasant auspicious. (Chapter -1, Verse -13).


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