Karuna Yoga Vidya Peetham Bangalore

  • Guru Pooja, also known as Guru Puja, is a spiritual practice in Hinduism and other Eastern religions that involves paying reverence to one’s guru or spiritual teacher. The word “guru” in Sanskrit means “dispeller of darkness,” and the guru is considered to be a guide or teacher who helps individuals on their spiritual journey.
  • In the practice of Guru Pooja, individuals offer flowers, incense, and other offerings to their guru, recite mantras, and perform various rituals as a way of showing their respect and gratitude for the guru’s guidance and teachings. The practice is believed to help individuals connect with their guru on a deeper level and receive blessings and guidance on their spiritual path.
  • Guru Pooja is a common practice in many spiritual traditions and is often performed in ashrams and spiritual centers. It is also sometimes performed on special occasions such as the guru’s birthday or other important festivals. The practice is considered to be an important part of spiritual development and is believed to help individuals cultivate a deeper connection with their inner self and the divine.

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