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Full Yogic Breathing is a conscious practice of breathing used in Pranayama which utilizes conscious breathing from three areas of the body: abdomen, thoracic, and clavicle. The process is inhaling deeply first into the abdomen, then filling the lungs, and finally the clavicle region. While exhaling, the air is released first from the clavicle region, the lungs, and then finally the abdomen.

The yogic breathing is beneficial in awakening the Pranayama Kosha or the life force energy (prana). It activates the Parasympathetic nervous system boosting the rest and the digestion of the body, it helps in conserving and building energy and regulating bodily functions activated during the activation of the Parasympathetic Nervous System. Hence, it helps in stimulating digestion, metabolism, regulating the heart rate and blood pressure. There is an increased intake of oxygen because of yogic breathing, improving the quality of breathing and strengthening lung capacity. As it helps in improving the functioning of the Parasympathetic Nervous System, yogic breathing also helps in improving various aspects of mental health. It helps in reducing stress levels and physiological stress arousal, it also helps with gaining control over breathing which is helpful at moments of anxiety and panic. Furthermore, by regulating the breathing through yogic breathing the sleep is also positively affected improving the quality of sleep. The practice of yogic breathing is helpful in regulating any type of physiological arousal allowing the individual to reserve back to equilibrium. Finally, it is also vital for improving mindfulness.

Courtesy To: Shrutika Mishra, RYT – 200 Hour   

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