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Hatha Yoga Pradipika – Food Prohibited for Hatha Yogic Practices

Katvamla-tikshna-lavanoshna-haritasaka /

Sauvira-taila-tila-sarshapa-madya-matsyan //

Ajadi-mamsa-dadhi-takra-kulattha-kola /

Pinyaka-hingghu-lasunady-amapathyam-ahuh//(Chapter -1, Verse- 59).

The foods which prohibited for the Hatha Yogic practitioners are: those which are bitter, sour, pungent, salty, heating, green vegetables, sour gruel, oil, sesame and mustard, alcohol, fish, flesh foods, curds, buttermilk, horse gram, fruit of jujube, oil cakes, asafetida and garlic. (Chapter -1, Verse- 59).

Bhojanam ahitam vidyāt punarasyoshnīkrtam rūksham/

Atilavanamam layuktam kadaśanaśākotkam varjyam// (Chapter -1, Verse -60).


Unnourishing food should not be consumed, that which is reheated after becoming cold, which is dry (devoid of natural oil), which is excessively salty or acidic, stale or has too many mixed vegetables. (Chapter -1, Verse -60).


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