Karuna Yoga Vidya Peetham Bangalore

Ego or ‘I’ feeling is one of the ignorance

2.6.  Drgdarsanasaktyorekatmataivasmita|

  • Drg-purusha, power of consciousness, power to see
  • Darsana-that which is seen, cognition
  • Saktyoh-of the two powers
  • Ekatmata-identity
  • Iva-as if
  • Asmita-i-feeling

Asmita or ‘I’feeling, is the identity as it were of the purusha or pure consciousness with the Buddhi or discrminated knowledge.


Attachment is the one of the Ignorance

2.7. Sukhanusayi ragah|

  • Sukha-pleasure
  • Anusayi-accompanying
  • Ragah-liking

Raga is the liking to such activities, which gives all sensual pleasures.

Hatred is one of the Ignorance

2.8. Duhkhanusayi dvesah|

  • Duhkha-pain
  • Anusayi-accompanying
  • Dvesah-repulsion

Disliking means, the action which gives pain to physicall and mental level.

Clinging to life is one of the ignorance

2.9. Svarasavahi viduso’pi tatharudho’bhinivesah|

  • Svarasavahi-sustained by its one force
  • Vidush-of the learned
  • Api-even
  • Tatha-like that
  • Rudhah-dominating
  • Abhinivesah-fear of death, clining to life

Abhinivesha means desire for mundane life to extend, even this quality dominates learned wise people too.


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