Karuna Yoga Vidya Peetham Bangalore

This is the two legged inverted staff pose. Start by lying flat on the floor. Stretch the arms over the head, bend the elbows and place your palms on the floor facing the shoulders. Keep them shoulder width apart. Breathe easily. Now exhale and press your knees as you lift your hips, shoulders and head. Straighten the arms and lift the shoulders. Now place the crown of your head on the floor between your hands and feet. On an exhale interlock your hands behind your head and bring your weight onto your forearms. Now on an exhale lift your chest off the ground so your head is also raised and resting fully on the crown. Your feet are resting flat on the floor. If your knees are bent here, you can straighten out in front of you so they are straight, with the feet still flat on the ground. Breathe easily here for thirty seconds then relax back down on the floor.


Benefits: keeps the spine sound and healthy while the chest expands fully. good for relieving pain in the coccyx region of the spine.

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