Karuna Yoga Vidya Peetham Bangalore

  • Asanas should be done with proper breathing through nose only . yoga teacher should give specific instructions which will help students to coordinate the breath with the asanas.
  • With regarding to time of practice of yoga it can be performed at any time of the day except after meals . The best time for yoga practice is 2 hours before and including suryodhaya ( sunrise) because at this time the atmosphere will  pure , quite , our stomach will be clear & our mind will be calm.  
  • Place of yoga practice should be clean, calm & quite.
  • During practice of yogasanas our cloths should be loose , light , comfortable preferably cotton cloths . we should not wore wrist watches, jewellery & spectacles.
  • Before commencing asanas programme our stomach should be empty, the bladder & stomach should be preferably empty this wiil helps us to do yogasanas effectively & comfortably.
  • We should aware of yogasanas practices because it will influences , integrates &maintains harmony at all levels of physically , pranic , mental , emotional , psychic & spiritually.
  • While doing asanas if we feel physically and mentally tired  relaxation should be taken by doing shavasan . After completion of all asanas doing shavasan  will relax all the physical &  mental tired.
  • Beginners or experienced yoga practitioners should never exert undue forces while doing asanas. Regular practice of yogasanas will increase their muscle strength.
  • As diet is concerned for doing yogasanas there is no special dietary rules. Vegetarian diet is not essential although it is recommended at higher stages of yoga. For doing yogasanas half filled stomach with food , one quarter with water and leaving remaining quarter empty is recommended this will help us do yogasanas comfortably and successfully.
  • Yogasanas can be performed by all age groups only we should see which type of asanas is usefull and beneficial for which age group of peoples for example sivananda style of suryanamaskar, sathyananda style of suryanamaskar can easily comfortably performed by youngage & middle age persons but for old age persons Vivekananda style of suryanamaskar can performed by easily and comfortably. Ashtanga suryanamaskar A & B cannot be performed by old age persons as it needs strong wrist and elbow strength.
  • Yogasanas cannot be performed or dangerous in persons who have fractured bones or who are chronic ailments and diseases such as stomach ulcer , tuberculosis  or hernia.
  • We should terminate the yogasana if there is a severe pain any part of body , medical help can taken at that time . we inverted asanas if there is a gas or fermented intestines.never practice yogasanas after sun bath as asanas futher increase the heat of the body. Females should avoid practicing yoga during their menstruation periods.
  • Benefits of doing yoagasanas are surplus it will help us to control the mind through body, removes toxins from the our body , increases absoption of vital neutrients from our intaken, food increases the longevity of living of our body ,increases immunity of the body.

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