Karuna Yoga Vidya Peetham Bangalore

  1. Sun: Do not practice asanas after being out in the hot sun for several hours.
  2. Time: The best time to practice yoga is either early in morning or late in evening.
  3. Without the practice of the principles of Yama and Niyama, which lay deep firm foundations for building characters, there cannot be an integrated personality.
  4. Cleanliness and Food: Before starting to practice asanas, the bladder should be implied and the bowels evacuated.
  5. Bath: Asanas come easier after taking bath.
  6. Food: Asanas should preferably to done on empty stomach.
  7. Place: They should be done in a clean airy place, free from insects and noise.
  8. Closing of eyes: In beginning, keep the eyes open. Then you will know what you are doing and where you go wrong.
  9. The brain: The body alone should be active; the brain should be passive, waterfall and alert.
  10. Breathing: The breathing should be done through nostrils only and not through mouth.
  11. Do not restrain breath while in process of asana.
  12. Savasana: Always lie down for 10 – 15 min after completing asanas.
  13. Asanas and Pranayama: Pranayama may be done either very early in morning before the asanas or in evening after completing them.
  14. Persons with BP should not start with sirsana and sarvangasana.
  15. Those suffering, displacement of retina should not attempt topsy – turny poses.
  16. Mirror: If you are doing asanas in front of a mirror, keep it perpendicular to floor.
  17. Read carefully hints and cautions for practice of asanas.
  18. Avoid disturbances such as phone calls or kids around.
  19. Avoid standing on your head during menstrual period.
  20. Pregnancy: All asanas can be practiced during first 3 months of pregnancy.
  21. Menstruation: Avoid asanas during menstrual period.
  22. After delivery: No asanas should be done during 1st month after delivery.
  23. Remove hard contact lenses.
  24. Fold up the hairs.
  25. Do asanas only on Yoga mat.
  26. Fold blankets neatly when preparing to use.
  27. Practice yoga in loose – fitting clothing and bare feet.
  28. Yogasanas should be practiced with an empty stomach.
  29. There should be specific time for yoga. Early morning 4 to 6 and evening 5 to 6 timings are preferable.
  30. Dress should be minimum. Wristwatch, bangles, chains, rings etc., should be remove.
  31. If yogasana is practiced in the evening the savasana should be practiced first.
  32. Concentration should be maintained throughout.
  33. Yogasana should not be practiced fast. It should be practiced slowly, continuously & rhythmatically.
  34. Yogic practices should be performed is an orderly way. First suryanamaskar, then Asana, Pranayama & finally meditation.
  35. During all the yogic practices breathing is very important. Breathing should be co-ordinated with the asanas.
  36. After the yoga, relaxation is a must with normal breathing.
  37. The place to perform asanas should be well ventilated & should be away from any animal or insect disturbances.
  38. Yoga should not be practiced under fan. For asanas sattvic diet is essential.

39.All the asanas should be practiced on mat exception is suryanamaskar.

  1. Asanas should be practiced in a peaceful place away from music or T.V.
  2. It should be practiced regularly at the same time.

42.A clean bath is necessary after the practice of yoga.

  1. The final poster of yoga ‘relaxation’ should not be strained.
  2. The muscle should be relaxed in the final poster.
  3. Any muscle catch during yoga should be solved by gentle massage.
  4. Yoga should be maintained according to ones flexibility & not by comparison with others.
  5. During yoga practices, backward bending should be accompanied by inhalation & forward bending should be accompanied by exhalation.
  6. Apart from practicing reading scriptures is also important.
  7. Repeat the same asanas for many vises
  8. Generally yoga should be precise, nor too tense taking or short.
  9. Good observation necessary.
  10. Limited speech essential.


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