Karuna Yoga Vidya Peetham Bangalore

Gaseous Exchange

The transfer of gases between an organism and the external environment in either direction. It occurs by diffusion across a concentration gradient and includes the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide in respiration and photosynthesis. Successful gaseous exchange requires a large surface area, as is provided by the alveoli of the lungs and the leaves […]

Full Vinayasa and Half Vinayasa Yoga

There are three Vinyasa sequences divided into two groups. Between standing postures, you do a Standing Vinyasa. Between seated postures you do either a Full Vinyasa or a Half Vinyasa sequence. Full vinyasa is the original form of Ashtanga, after each asana you transition back to Standing as if doing a sun salutation. In postures […]

Vinyasa yoga practice list and sequence(60 min)

60 min vinyasa yoga practice list and sequence it. both gender for the age group of 25 to 40, who does not have any physical or mental illness? – warm-up: cat-cow, balasana stretches to open the shoulders, balasana-  upward dog stretch, few breaths in down dog. Standing stretches. – 2 rounds Ashtanga A with variation: […]

Vinyasa Flow Yoga

The definition of Vinyasa Flow Yoga is more difficult to define than other methods because it embodies the continuous, dynamic, and conscious evolution of this practice. It reflects the continuous interaction of human beings in the flow of life, linking our inner essence, life experience and accepted traditional wisdom together because we have explored and […]