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 Three Gunas

Guna is a Sanskrit term and means quality, peculiarity, or tendency. A Guna is a tattva or element of reality that can affect our psychological, emotional, or energetic states. The three Gunas are Sattva, Rajas, and Tamas. i)Sattvic Guna is purity and Prakasam; it is a state of balance, harmony, joy, and intelligence. Sattva guna […]

How to cultivate Sattvic Guna and sustain in it

Sattvic guna is a force favorable for the attainment of moksha. A sattvic mind is always steady and finds delight internally. Sattva guna is developed by japa, vichara, satsanga, meditation, light sattvic food, tapas, and svadhyaya. When it comes to actual practice, the mind even after raising fantastic, curious thoughts and pretending to do vichara, […]

Yoga Nidra for Stress Management PDF FILE FREE DOWNLOAD

Yoga Nidra for Stress Management Prepare yourself for the practice of Yoga Nidra. Lie down on your back on the floor. And a place where you won’t be disturbed. Your arms should be slightly away from the side of your body Palms up. Your feet shoulders width apart. Your clothing should be suitably loose. During […]

Sattvic quality of mind and  the three Gunas for pranayama Practice

Sattvic quality of mind and  the three Gunas for pranayama Practice   Pranayamam tatah kuryannityam sattvikaya dhiya / Yatha sushumnanadistha malah suddhim prayanti cha//(Chapter -2, Verse 6). Therefore pranayama should, be practice daily with a sattvic quality of mind so that the impurities are removed out of sushumna nadi and cleanliness occurs. (Chapter -2, Verse […]