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Basic elements of Asana

Asanas are part of  Yoga which are more related to the physical body. Asanas are a gateway towards building this connection. As Patanjali describes Asanas as sthira sukham asanam, stable and comfortable posture. The practice of Asana is more than just engaging the physical body, it is more than just coming into a  pose and going out.  Asanas require conscious awareness and mindfulness to keep their complete benefits. As an individual begins the practice, many asanas will not  come  naturally to  them,  and  it  may even  feel difficult  to stay for  longer  than

3-4 seconds. However, a mind-body connection starts to form. The mind becomes aware of the physical body feedback and a link starts to form. While repeating or practicing the same asana again, the mind is now at be to recognize one’s ability and gradually increase the hold on the posture and the body as well adjust to the stance. As this practice increases froth the physical awareness as well as the mental awareness it benefits hour physical and mental health. Especially, in the modern-day hustles, one does not always get the time to focus on themselves, their body, or their mind. The increased hassles have led people to be driven towards materialistic gains over other things. They either make time for physical improvement  (exercising in the gym)  or mental/  emotions (going to therapy). There is a major disconnect experienced among the youth when it comes to the mind-body relationship. The practice of Asanas can help in building that mind-body relationship needed to be more mindful in not only Asana practice but all other activities the individual might.

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