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Observing the asana practice teaching of a yoga teacher can be helpful for both the teacher and the observer to improve their teaching skills. Here are some things to look for when observing a yoga asana practice teaching:

  1. Alignment: Observe whether the teacher is giving clear and accurate alignment cues. Do the students seem to be in proper alignment, and are they making adjustments to their posture when cued to do so?
  • Sequencing: Look at the sequence of asanas being taught. Are they appropriate for the level and experience of the students? Is there a logical flow to the sequence, and does it build towards a peak pose or theme?
  • Breath: Observe whether the teacher is instructing students to link their breath with movement. Are students breathing deeply and smoothly, or are they holding their breath or breathing shallowly?
  • Safety: Look for any potential safety issues, such as students practicing beyond their level of ability or not using props when necessary. Does the teacher offer modifications or adjustments to ensure the safety of their students?
  • Communication: Observe how the teacher communicates with their students. Is their language clear and concise, and do they use appropriate and respectful language?
  • Adjustments: Observe whether the teacher is using hands-on adjustments. Are they respectful of students’ boundaries and asking for consent before making adjustments?
  • Presence: Finally, observe the overall presence of the teacher. Are they focused and attentive to their students, or do they seem distracted or disengaged?

By observing these aspects of a yoga asana practice teaching, the observer can provide feedback and constructive criticism to the teacher, helping them to improve their teaching skills and enhance their students’ yoga practice.

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