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An asana laboratory observation is a process in which a yoga teacher or student observes and studies the movements, alignments, and adjustments in a particular asana. This process involves breaking down the asana into its component parts and examining the specific actions and principles that make up the pose.

During an asana laboratory observation, the teacher or student may focus on different aspects of the pose, such as the alignment of the feet, the position of the hips, the lengthening of the spine, the rotation of the shoulders, or the engagement of specific muscle groups. They may also explore different variations or modifications of the pose to help deepen their understanding of the underlying principles.

Through this process of observation and study, the teacher or student can gain a deeper understanding of the biomechanics, energetics, and therapeutic benefits of the asana. They can also develop more refined skills in teaching, adjusting, and sequencing the pose for different levels and abilities.

Overall, an asana laboratory observation is a valuable tool for both teachers and students to deepen their understanding and practice of yoga asanas. It allows for a more precise and focused exploration of the poses, which can lead to greater awareness, alignment, and integration of body, mind, and spirit.

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