Karuna Yoga Vidya Peetham Bangalore

The half wheel pose or Ardhakati Chakrasana begins at Tadasana or the mountain pose. Stand straight, with the heels and toes of both feet pressed together. Keep your arms by your side, weight distributed evenly across your feet from your heels to your toes. Inhaling in, raise your right hand vertically over the head while your left hand is at your side. Stretch the right hand out as far as you can. Next, slowly bend to the left side from your waist. Make sure to maintain a normal and comfortable rate of breathing. Maintain this posture for a few breaths, for about 30 seconds. Then slowly, straighten back up and lower your right hand down slowly by your side. Repeat this on the other side. You can eventually increase the length of time you hold the pose.


Reduces fat in waist region, stimulates sides of the body. Give lateral bending to the spine, improves function of liver.

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