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Surya Namaskara practice interacts with the physical organs of the body directly, by applying pressure, massaging, stretching and generally toning up and supporting internal tissue structures. This aids the eliminative functions as well as stimulating nervous energy. It enhances our wellbeing.

Respiratory System

In suryanamaskara a deep rhythmic breathing process is synchronized with each movement, which completely empties the lungs of all, traces of stale gas and refills them with fresh, clean, oxygenated air. All the pockets of the lungs are expanded stimulated and then cleaned. The oxygen content of the blood is increased, which improves the overall vitality and oxygenation of the cells and tissue of the body and brain. Sluggishness and lethargy are rapidly overcome. This practice is also good for the prevention of diseases such as tuberculosis, which develop in the little used, stagnant regions of the lungs.

Circulatory System

The regular practice of suryanamaskara improves flow of blood, to speeds up the elimination of morbid matter and introduces fresh oxygen and nutrient of all the cells, and general circulation is improved. The cardiac muscles are strengthened. Microcirculation to the heart is increased and

reducing the chances of heart attack. Sluggish circulation, cold hands and feet, blood vessel diseases and general fatigue can also be eliminated. The circulation of lymph, which is prime importance in fluid balance and in combating infections, is toned, the body gains an increased resistance to infections, and a better ability to heal.

Digestive System

The alternate stretching and compressing movements of suryanamaskara tone the whole digestive system by thoroughly massaging all the abdominal viscera. This not only enhances elimination but also increases the digestive fire, promoting a healthy appetite, and complete and rapid assimilation of food.


The skin is the important and largest body organ and apart from holding the body together serves to regulate body temperature, as well as excreting waste matter through perspiration. When there is an excess of poisonous matter in the blood, it comes out through the skin in the form of boils, rashes and pimples. As Surya Namaskara produces perspiration, speeds up circulation and enhances the elimination of wastes through the digestive and urinary systems, it cleanses and endows the Practitioner with a clean, glowing complexion, which is an important sign of health. Many skin disease caused by subcutaneous toxin deposits, such as pimples and eczema, can be removed. Bad odors from the body are eliminated, and the overall circulation of blood to the skin is improved.

When Surya Namaskara is practiced in the early morning hours while facing the rising sun, ultraviolet light rays are absorbed through the skin. At sunrise, these rays are at their greatest intensity and are thought to be very beneficial for healthy as well as being responsible for vitamin D production.

Nervous System

In the twelve movements of Surya Namaskara, the spinal column is systematically stretched and compressed to the maximum extent, stimulating circulation in the whole spinal cord, and all nerve plexuses. Surya Namaskara tones nerve flows by stimulating internal organs. It stretches organs. It stretches nerves, works on the spine and activates brainCenters. The whole nervous system is activated and seems to wake up.

The Endocrine System

The endocrine glands are the most vital and mysterious of all systems of the body. They play an overall role in the coordination and integration of all physiological process and yet very little are actually known about them. The main function of the endocrine glands is the production and secretion of hormones, chemical substances are released into the bloodstream and carried throughout the body to act upon particular organs.

Pituitary GlandWorldwide Yoga Training Courses

The pituitary gland is master gland of human body. It has many hormonal secretions, which control the body’s growth and development. By increasing the flow of blood to the head andthrough its effects on the nervous system. Surya Namaskara stimulates the hypothalamus, which regulates the pituitary action. The practice of surya Namaskara thereby has a direct and beneficialeffect on this vital centre and the whole body.

Pineal Gland

The pineal gland is a situated in the brain. Yogic Science states that it has a vital function and acts as connecting link between the different levels of awareness above and beyond the Physical plane. Surya Namaskara plays an ideal role in the maintenance of this important gland.


The Pancreas is located behind the stomach at the level of the solar plexus. Parts of this important gland produce the hormone insulin, which controls the body’s ability to store and utilize sugar. Surya Namaskara compresses the abdominal organs, which press onto the pancreas especially during backward bending in bhujangasana.


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