Karuna Yoga Vidya Peetham Bangalore


At the Karuna Yoga  Vidya Peetham, TTC program, we follow certain principles when it comes to teaching yoga.    The advanced asana group should be endeavored only once the body becomes exceptionally flexible. The Asanas inside the novices and intermediate groups should be mastered before attempting to perform any of these postures. While working on the advanced asana, it is basic to abstain from over straining the body in any way. These practices require the limbs and joints to move out of their comfort zones to which they are not accustomed for at the first place. Therefore, any strain caused while performing these Asanas has the potential to harm them. Hence, tenderly urging the body to perform advanced Asana over a time frame is far superior than attempting to accomplish brisk outcomes through force. The Asanas are generally defined with the proper side leading, but this approach should be changed. The 200-hour Hatha, Karuna Yoga Vidya Peetham, teacher training center in Bangalore is aiming to bring that transformation into the system of advanced Yogasanas practices.

At the Karuna Yoga Vidya Peetham, TTC program, we acknowledge Asanas for further enhancing the wellbeing of a person who may seem already healthy. They are not just meant for therapeutic purposes. Besides, they are not recommended while pregnant. Carefully study the contra­ indications given for each individual Asanas and the Asanas recommended as preparatory.

These Asanas firmly influence the energy of the body. The chakras and associated physical, intellectual, emotional and psychic dimensions of the personality are fortified and harmonized, contributing to positive transformations in one’s character. By being a part of the 200-hour Hatha Yoga TTC course by the Karuna  Vidya Peetham, teacher-training center in Bangalore, India, you will have the unique opportunity of experiencing them.




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