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anaerobic hatha yoga.

This happens without oxygen, fuel comes from muscle storage and is short, highly intense and burns fat directly. Example is weightlifting. More fast twitch muscle fibres are produced for strength. It increases lactic acid tolerance for endurance. It increases glycolysis, ATP, CP and creatine.

Aerobic hatha yoga  

This takes place with oxygen where carbohydrate and oxygen are used as fuel for the first two minutes after which fat is burned. These are lower intensity activities. More fat for energy is used and leads to a better ability to burn fat. Blood vessels increase and become bigger to accommodate the oxygen being used. […]

Fast twitch muscle fiber (type -2), with hatha yoga practices.

The greater your aerobic capacity, the longer your muscles can function without fatiguing or burning out. Type IIa fibers have more potential for increased aerobic capacity, whereas Type IIb fibers produce the highest energy forces within the quickest window of fatigue.

slow twitch muscle fiber (type -1), hatha yoga style

Slow-twitch, or Type I muscle fibers, are skeletal muscle fibers that slowly contract. Slow-twitch muscle fibers support everyday actions, like standing from a seated position and maintaining normal posture. Sun Salutation can be the respective hatha yoga style

Transcendental knowledge By samyama-Patanjali Yoga Sutra

By samyama transcendental knowledge 3.55. Tarakam sarvavisayam sarvatha visayamakramam cheti vivekajam jnanam| Tarakam-transcendental Sarvavisayam-all subjects sarvatha visayam-object of every place akramam-beyond the order of successon cha-and iti-that is all vivekajam jnanam- knowledge born of viveka Transcendental knowledge includes the knowledge of all objects beyond all orders of succession and is born of discrimintaion.

Gain universal state of mind-Patanjali Yoga Sutra – Vibhuti Pada

Gain universal state of mind 3.44. Bahirakalpita vrttirmahavideha tatah prakasavaranaksayah| Bahih-external Akalpita-unimaginable Vrttih-state of mind Mahavideha-existence wihout body Tatah-therefrom Prakasa-light Avarana-covering Ksayah-distraction In the state of, existence without body, the vrittis are inconceivable and outside the scope of the body, whereby the covering of light is destroyed.