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About Couples Yoga Class

Couples Yoga Class to strengthen the bond, nurture the relationship, and build intimacy and trust among couples. Relationships need constant efforts from both partners and an immense amount of understanding and compatibility.

Why Choose Couples Class?

Yoga when performed with your partner brings multiple benefits as it creates more awareness of the self and others, enhances communication and fortifies the connection. Through regular yoga practice, couples will learn to share, grow, build, trust, bond and have fun with each other.

Most importantly, couples learn to give each other space when required and resolve conflicts constructively and respectfully. The Yoga Institute’s Couples Class will train you to work as one unit, work towards making your relationship better and stronger and lead a healthy and stress-free life.

The Yoga Couples Class will cover the following topics that will help couples to make their relationship healthy and successful

•Understanding the Importance of Marriage

•Role of Honesty and Faithfulness

•Being a Supportive Partner

•Enhancing your Communication Skills

•Coping with Difficulties

•Building Spiritual Connection

•Performing Marital Duties Selflessly

•Acceptance, Patience & Understanding

•Open to Adjustment

•Financial Transparency & Management

•Balancing Interpersonal relationships

•Positive Role Models to Children

Couples yoga benefits

Couples yoga has a myriad of benefits like other physical exercises. It ranges from health and well-being to a positive impact on a couple’s intimacy. This relaxing activity lets partners connect on a deeper level.

Here are some of the physical and mental benefits partners can get from doing yoga together:

Physical health

The physical advantages of yoga have already been proven by science. Yoga is a low-impact activity that boosts one’s health and is as effective as high-impact exercises when done in the long term.

Increases flexibility

Yoga poses increase flexibility. It plays a vital role in attaining good physical health. It is essentially helpful for the aging population whose flexibility diminishes as they get older. While this is a natural occurrence among the elderly, mild to moderate yoga poses are proven to slow down their loss of flexibility.

With couples yoga that requires movement and lifts, a partner’s body weight helps increase the pressure received by the other. Thus, it allows for the improvement of each other’s stretch and flexibility. It fast-tracks stretching without experiencing strains during the yoga practice.

Develops strength

A regular partner yoga practice develops strength for both partners. As you go along the practice and move on to moderate poses, strength is also built. This is highly evident during partner poses where lifting is required.

Improves posture and balance

With a partner, yoga further develops proper posture. Each partner serves as the other’s guide just like a mirror while simultaneously achieving the desired pose. Partner yoga also improves alignment, balance, and concentration in the process.

Reduces impact from chronic conditions

The availability of various yoga styles and intensities make yoga as effective as high-impact exercises that help in lowering inflammation from chronic conditions. Yoga decreases potential risks from diabetes, injuries, cancer, and heart diseases.

Mental health

One of the most common couple’s yoga benefits is to manage mental health. As each yoga pose brings inner peace, concentration, and connection with one’s body, it also relieves tension and discomfort.

Lowers stress and anxiety

Firm physical support and gentle touch contribute to easing yoga partners’ body tensions. The sense of touch by your partner immediately lowers the neural response to tension. Studies show that neural response is stronger and quicker when touching your partner’s hands than with any other person.

In addition, certain yoga poses support parts of the body by creating space for new energy to flow. As a result, the body parts experience relief from mental and body strains.

Mental clarity and calmness

The incorporation of meditation and breathing helps improve a person’s mental health and well-being. It also sharpens one’s concentration, clearing the mind with distraction, and achieving calmness from within.

Relationship and intimacy

Counselling is not the only technique therapies used for couples in rocky stages. Couples therapy techniques now include partner yoga as an intervention. Many find it useful and effective in restoring intimacy and romance.

Builds trust and communication

Couples yoga is built with trust and communication. Partners tend to lean on each other to perform poses that require counter pressure. This improves their confidence in one another. Throughout the process, communication is the key. Hand gestures and sounds create a sense of communication with a minimal exchange of words.

Cultivates honesty

It may seem a tad awkward when you start practicing partner yoga as a beginner. But as the practice becomes a regular endeavour, partners get to let their guards down and be their genuine selves. The trust and communication established also inculcates honesty and a sense of authenticity. Partners do not need to pretend and be afraid of being judged when there is self-awareness of each other’s presence.

Renews relationship

Partners who are distant and disengaged may also benefit from having couples yoga to bring them back together. The practice lets the couple physically and emotionally nurture each other which can transcend beyond the class and in their day-to-day living. Eventually, partners get to restore connections and rebuild rapport.

Improves sexual satisfaction

Couples yoga classes are not entirely sexual. However, partners can achieve intimacy benefits in the process.

Because couples yoga classes start with building trust and connection and are cultivated by synchronized breathing, touch, and movement, partners likely experience deepened intimacy towards each other. For couples who are experiencing sexual problems, engaging in couple’s yoga can improve their sex drive.

Strengthens bond

Couples yoga classes are overall fun and enjoyable physical activity for partners to bond. Happiness and satisfaction among couples are nurtured during the class and even after as they go home.