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Yoga for Arthritis

Inflammation of Joints is Called Arthritis


Rheumatoid Arthritis

It is a chronic inflammatory joint disease.  In its typical form RA is a symmetrical, destructive and deforming polyarthrits affecting small and large synovial joints associated with systemic disturbance.



  • Hereditary
  • Infection
  • Physical and emotional stress
  • Injury


Clinical Features

  • Onset is insidious
  • Joint pain
  • Stiffness and symmetrical swelling of a number of peripheral joints
  • Fever
  • Weightless
  • Profound fatigue

Osteo Arthritis

Degenerative joint disease which usually occur in the old age.  It results from structural changes in the articular cartilage in the joints.

  • Possible causes include
  • Malnutrition glandular insufficiency,
  • and continuous physical stress.



  • Pain and stiffness in the joints
  • Watery eyes
  • Dry neck
  • leg Cramps


Yogic Practices

Sithilikarna Vyayama (Loosening Exercises)

  • Passive rotation of toes
  • Toe Bending
  • Ankle Bending
  • Ankle Rotation
  • Knee bending
  • Knee Rotation
  • Half butterfly
  • Full Butterfly
  • Waist Rotation
  • Wrist Rotation
  • Shoulder Rotation
  • Neck Bending
  • Neck Rotation


Sukshma Vyayama (Strengthening Exercises)

  • Manibandha sakti vikasak (Waist)
  • Kara Tala Saktivikasak (Palms)
  • Anguli Saktivikasak (Finger)
  • Kaphoni Sakti vikasak (Elbows)
  • Bhujabandha sakti vikasak (Arms)
  • Kati saktivikasak (Back)
  • Jangha sakti vikasak (Thighs)
  • Pindali Saktividkasak (Calf)



  • Kapalabhati
  • Nadishuddhi
  • Brahmari



  • Neti
  • Kunjal


  • Yoga nidra
  • Meditation


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