Karuna Yoga Vidya Peetham Bangalore

Types of asana demonstration.

  1. Positioning and Demonstrating: This includes positioning oneself in front of the class and demonstrating the practice, so it is visible to all
  2. In the flow Demonstration: Either the teacher themselves or an assistant demonstrates while giving verbal instructions and verbal cues on how to transition into the asana and the proper way to stay in the It helps the flow of the class to be maintained without any break.
  3. Gather Around Demonstration: Here, the flow is stopped, and the students are asked to stop and look at The students gather around the teacher and the teacher then demonstrates while explaining. The demonstration happens by breaking it down and pausing at every stage and explaining the alignment along the way. If any doubts are raised, they are clarified, and only then do students return back to continue with the practice.

Courtesy To: Shrutika Mishra, RYT – 200 Hour             

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