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Patanjali Yoga Sutra – Kaivalya Pada

Mind & object

4.16. Na chaika chittatantram vastu tadapramanakam tada kim syat|

  • Na-not
  • Cha-and
  • Eka-one
  • Chitta-mind
  • Tantram-dependent
  • Vastu-object
  • Tat-that
  • Apramanakam-non-cognized
  • Tada-then
  • Kim-what
  • Syat-would happen

The object of perception is not dependent on the chitta, what would happen to the object of perception when the medium of cognition is not there?.

Patanjali Yoga Sutra – Kaivalya Pada

Reflection of object

4.17. Taduparagapeksitvachchittasya vastu jnatajnatam|

  • Taduparaga-the reflection of the object in chitta
  • Apeksitvat-because of necessity
  • Chittasya-of the mind
  • Vastu-object
  • Jnata-known
  • Ajnatam-unknown

The mind needs the reflection of the objects for its cognition.


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