Karuna Yoga Vidya Peetham Bangalore

This is the bounded angle pose. First sit on the floor with the legs stretched out in front of you. Bend your knees. Bring the feet closer to the trunk of the body. Join the heels and soles of the feet and grasp the feet and bring them towards the perineum. Widen the thighs and make sure that the knees are touching the ground. Make sure your spine is erect. Interlock the hands around your feet and bend forward from the lower back on an exhale. Try and touch your forehead to the floor and then, if possible, touch the chin and then the mouth to the floor. Stay here breathing easily for about thirty seconds. Then relax back up.

PRECAUTION: Knee, hip, or groin injury.

BENEFITS: It relieves sciatic pain and prevents hernia. If practiced regularly, it relieves pain and heaviness in the testicles. The pose is a blessing to women. Irregular menstrual periods and helps the ovaries to function properly. It is found that pregnant women who sit daily in this pose for a few minutes will have much less pain during delivery and will be free from varicose veins.

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