Karuna Yoga Vidya Peetham Bangalore

Aerobic activity

This takes place with oxygen where carbohydrate and oxygen are used as fuel for the first two minutes after which fat is burned. These are lower intensity activities.

More fat for energy is used and leads to a better ability to burn fat.

Blood vessels increase and become bigger to accommodate the oxygen being used.

It changes the composition of muscle fibres which contract slower and at a lower intensity. Aerobic activity increase these type one muscles which increases endurance and performance.

Aerobic activity increases mitochondria which improved the aerobic capacity of muscles.

  1. Anaerobic activity

This happens without oxygen, fuel comes from muscle storage and is short, highly intense and burns fat directly. Example is weightlifting.

More fast twitch muscle fibres are produced for strength.

It increases lactic acid tolerance for endurance.

It increases glycolysis, ATP, CP and creatine.

It increases growth hormone and testosterone.

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