Karuna Yoga Vidya Peetham Bangalore

This is known as the yoga gesture or psychic union pose. Start in padmasana, which is a seated pose with your arms intertwined and locked behind your back. Keep your eyes closed and relax, concentrating on the mooladhara chakra. Inhale and observe the breath rise from mooladhara to the ajna chakra. Hold the breath as you concentrate on the ajna chakra. Exhale and then fold forward from the hips. Bring your forehead to touch the floor as you expel all the air from your lungs. Feel as the breath moves from the ajna to the mooladhara chakra as you stay here for a few seconds concentrating on the mooladhara chakra. Now inhale and rise back up as you are aware of the breath moving from mooladhara to ajna chakra. Exhale and move your attention down to the mooladhara chakra. Try to do this entire exercise for three to ten rounds.

Precaution: who suffering from sciatica, high blood pressure, pelvic inflammatory disease or any other serious abdominal ailment should avoid this practice.

Benefits: Massages the abdominal organs and stretches the back.  Preparatory practice for meditation.  It relieves anger and tension, inducing tranquillity. It develops awareness and control of psychic energy and is used to awaken manipura chakra.

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