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The year is divided into six parts according to seasons. The northward movement of the sun and it’s of dehydration bringing about three seasons beginning from late winter to summer. the south ward movement of sun  and its act of hydration  give  rise to the other  three  seasons  beginning with the rainy  to early winter as with the rhythms of the day, there are master cycles matched to the dosas that  throughout the year. Our bodies  automatically  flow  with  these changes  as long as  we don’t  interfere .A complete yearly  cycle takes  us  through  kapha, pitta  and vata, in that, mirroring the  daily cycle .the  calendar  seasons  that gets aborted is autumn, because  it is  divided between two dosas. Autumn is considered pitta as long as hot weather prevails and väta as soon as it turns cold, dry and windy. People who have a predominance of vata will walk outside on crisp October day and feel that the weather is extremely congenial to them.

In the period of visarga (emission) winds are not very dry as they are during the period of adana (dehydration) the period of emission predominantly shares the qualities of the moon and during this period, the moon, with the unstrained cooling property, continuously delights the world with its soothing rays, the period of dehydration, on the causes of time, season, taste (in drugs and diets) vitiation of dosas and body strength.


Effect of kala

  Effects of Adana kala on body

During the period of dehydration not only the sun with its rays, but also winds with their sharp velocity and dryness, absorb the moisture from the earth. Winds progressively bring about dryness in the atmosphere during the three seasons of the period, astringent and pungent tastes respectively – all having drying effects and as a result, human beings also become weak. The period of adana consists of three seasons- late winter, spring and summer. The drying effect of the sun and winds goes on increasing progressively during this period. More over the bitter, astringent and pungent tastes, all having drying effects of body are enhanced during late winter spring and summer.


Effect of visarga kala (During the rainy season) on body

During the rainy season, autumn and winter, the sun moves towards the south and its power is slackened by various factor, the time course, storm and air but the moon is not affected the earth is relieved of its heat by the rain waters and sour, salty and sweet tastes which causes unctuousness in the body grow during the rainy season, autumn and winter respectively as result of all these, human beings also progressively grow in strength (during) the period of visarga or elimination.


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