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Online Yoga for Insomnia (effective sleep)

A good night’s sleep is as important as eating healthy and exercising. Unfortunately, many people are now experiencing a decreased in sleep quality. Waking up from a disturbed sleep often leaves one feeling grouchy and prone to irritability throughout the day. And those who have experienced insomnia truly understand the devastating effects it has on health, work and relationships.

Sleeping is more than lying down, resting with the eyes closed.  It is during sleep that we allow the body and brain to rejuvenate. This is the time our brain cells and all our individual cell are being completely repaired. It is also during sleep that the immune system is at an all-time high.

Can the regular practice of yoga have any impact on sleep?

Yoga does not directly affect our sleep. Yoga helps our mind and body settle down and relax, and when our body is relaxed and our mind is free from tension and anxiety, we tend to sleep peacefully. When we are stressed or anxious, our sleep cycle gets disturbed.

After a busy day, just before getting to bed, practicing some relaxing asanas can relax the body and help gather lost energy, but does yoga actually help us sleep better? 55% of individuals who practice yoga reported that they have seen differences in their sleep before and after practicing yoga.

Many people suffer from sleep disorders, with data showing that adult women suffer more from sleep disorders than men. Long-term yoga practice will certainly be helpful to improve sleep quality.

 How can yoga assist you to sleep better?

Yoga improves mindfulness, increases melatonin levels, and helps reduce sleep disturbance.

The deep breathing technique is extremely relaxing and it induces sleep.

The key to possessing proper sleep is regular exercise with a combination of yoga.

Yoga and meditation help us de-stress.

It relaxes our nervous system.

It revives our body, makes us feel good, and provides us with a relaxing effect.


•Improve ability to concentrate

•Reduce habitual sleep time

•Reduce daily stress level

•Increase quality of sleep

•Achieve greater health

•Delay aging process