Karuna Yoga

Yoga for Computer Users

Today at least 75% of all jobs involve the use of computers. Working with computers can damage eyesight  (like eye strain and computer vision syndrome), and cause arthritis in fingers, computer stress injuries (like Carpel tunnel Syndrome), musculoskeletal problems (like back pain, neck pain, and shoulder pain) etc., Use of computers is also associated with tension headache, depression, and weight gain.

But one can reduce these risks with regular practice of yoga specially customized to employees’ physical conditions and requirements. The practice of yoga can be a potential non-pharmacological intervention for visual discomfort related to working at visual display terminals (VDTs). A yoga-based regimen is more effective than counseling alone in relieving symptoms of computer-related musculoskeletal disorders.

The yoga practices for computer users include selected yogic loosening (sithilikarana) and sukshma vyayama for the joints, yoga postures (asanas), regulated breathing (pranayamas), visual cleansing exercises (trataka), guided relaxation, and meditation. All the practices are specially designed for computer users.

“Yoga for Computer Users” can be introduced one hour daily in your company from Monday to Friday or 3 days a week on alternate days. The duration might range from 1 month to 12 months depending on your requirements.

You may also opt for 1 or 2 days yoga workshop or yoga retreat on weekends for your employees or executives at your convenient place.

For booking and more details, please write to: karunaayoga@gmail.com or +91 9686549129